Are you interested in starting with selling poffertjes
in your country, but you dont know where to start?

This is your chance to enter our minipancakes.amsterdam project.

No, it is not a franchise.
vandeMeester.com, our company is #1 in minipancakes worldwide.

We love to help our clients to become really succesfull.

We designed this brand, Minipancakes.Amsterdam
as a global poffertjes brand that you can use.
The costs?

We only charge for the materials and equipment used,
at a very fair price.

This brand is available for:
Kiosk, foodtruck, foodtrailer, stand, or shop.

The catch ?
You have to use our poffertjesmix.




Do you want to know more ? Email us now.
Tell us your plans, when, where, and let`s see how we can help you.
We ship our products and services worldwide.


is our company specialized in minipancakes, pancakes, Crepes and (stroop)waffles
located in The Netherlands.

vandeMeester.com & Poffertjesacademy.com
Handelskade 1
8305 AX Emmeloord NL

Our telephone: 0031 527 769 087
Whatsapp: 0031 6218 42 744